There is a science to the production of fine alcohol. Each ingredient brings its own specific element to the chemical process, and each step in that process influences the quality of each element. Understanding the core science of distilling allows for the construction of a solid, meaningful base upon which to build a better liquor. 

At Shmidt Spirits, our journey toward a truly distinctive and exceptional liquor began with learning this science - devoting ourselves to mastering the fundamentals so that we could begin on a solid foundation. This allowed for a more focused, more confident level of experimentation moving forward.

Because when you know the mechanics of what makes a good liquor, you can better pursue the magic that makes a fantastic one.


The difference between a manufactured product and a work of art is the personal touch of the artist. It takes more than academic knowledge to make something that feels real, that holds the soul of its creator. That's where the care and passion of that Shmidt Spirits team comes in. 

From rowdy parties and posh bars to subdued gatherings and one-on-one meetings, we've spent the whole of our adult lives in the company of great liquor. A conversation over a bottle that doesn't open with a discussion about the contents of that bottle is unheard of. We have spent years debating and enjoying those subtle, ethereal markers that turn a liquor from a drink into an indulgence worthy of praise. Now, we're taking that adoration and applying it to our own spirits. 

We aren't trying to make a product, we're trying to make a work of art worth signing our names to. 


Mastering the basics and revering the grace notes means one thing - Shmidt Spirits knows quality. Quality makes itself known from the moment you pour to the minute after you've taken a sip. Color, aroma, taste, finish. These are the markers of a truly quality product, and no amount of technical proficiency or impassioned intention can make up for its lack. 

That's why we have boots on the ground for every step of the process, why we monitor and test at every stage. Why not a single drop of liquor leaves our floor without us being assured, through our own five senses, of its unassailable quality. 

That's because big talk only matters if you can back it up with something special, and we live to make something special.