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There’s a lot that goes into a bottle of Shmidt Spirits craft liquor.

This site likewise has a lot to read and discover about us. So take a look below and follow the links to learn more about who we are and what we do.


Our Story

A brand new company with a bold new vision doesn’t spring to life spontaneously. Find out what went into the foundation of Shmidt Spirits and what makes us believe that we can do it better.


Our Spirits

Every spirit has its own character and personality—and a lot goes into determining what those will be. Find out what we offer, and what makes our craft spirits different from anything else you’ll try.


our team

Shmidt Spirits is a true small business—our team could fit comfortably inside a two-door sedan. So take a few minutes and learn about the men who make your new favorite spirit.

 The Journal

Get the latest news and updates from the Shmidt Spirits team.

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Follow us online so you can be the first to know about new products, upcoming events, and just to see what the Shmidt Spirits team is up to.