The Machinery


Creating a business is a herculean effort, on that can sometimes feel as though it consists primarily of paperwork and mental lifting. The tracking of the progress of any business toward fruition can feel illusory, but the great thing about creating a distillery is that so much of its progress is encapsulated by the acquisition and installation of machinery.

To turn a vacant industrial space into the birthplace of our craft spirits involved an incredible amount of work. Cracking the foundation to run a trench drain; receiving and installing a boiler and a still; fabricating a whole new room in which to store and age our liquor. Returning to the space day after day and seeing its transformation was the most obvious way of sensing the shift of Shmidt Spirits from dream into reality.

Drawing closer to the grand opening, it is sobering to think back on what we began with, and to see what it has become.

Brian J. RoanComment