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“I can make
  it better.”

This is an assertion well-known to those among us with an ambition that cannot be satisfied simply by taking part. For those people, satisfaction only comes from taking charge.


Arthur Shmidt is no stranger to this impulse. An engineer who graduated from the University of Maryland, Arthur knew after years of sampling and enjoying quality spirits that he could make them better.


In the pursuit of this belief, he began a years-long process of education and experimentation, marrying his passion for engineering and his love of fine liquor. The result of this pilgrimage is Shmidt Spirits.


Located just outside of the city of College Park, the home of his alma mater, Shmidt Spirits is devoted to understanding the science and the art that separates a good liquor from an exceptional spirit, and using this knowledge of craft the best liquor you ever had.


Bottle by bottle, Shmidt Spirits seeks to set itself ahead of the pack in every way.

Taste. Quality. Finish. The whole experience. You name it.

Arthur Shmidt // President

Arthur Shmidt founded Shmidt Spirits as a way of pursuing his great passion for fine liquor. It also serves as the first step on a path that he hopes will allow him to achieve a personal dream—to be able to use a plot of family land in Mexico to cultivate agave that will be made into a luxury tequila named in honor of his grandmother.

I can make it better

Brian J. Roan // Master Distiller

Brian J. Roan got his degree in journalism from the University of Maryland. Now he helps to run daily operations at Shmidt Spirits while also spearheading social media. The only thing he loves more that a good whiskey (and his daughter) is movies. 

Whiskey - more than anything else - has always been there for me.